August 23, 2018

I love this song a lot. I first learned about it from the Judge John Hodgman podcast, and it has since burrowed its way into my heart.

I was distressed to find that the lyrics were not easily available online, so here they are. All credit goes to the songwriter, David Misch.

Somerville by David Misch

New York and Paris and London and Rome
Yes they all have their charms I agree
But the people who call all those places their home
Miss something, just take it from me

The Louvre and the UN have beauty
They shine with a kind of a sheen
But far from the Ritz
In Massachusetts
Is a place with the grace of a queen

There is a town around old Boston Bay
A place where time and light stand still
Just follow your nose and heart
And soon your feet will find themselves in Somerville

The city center there is filled with streets
A sub shop graces every hill
You might think you’re dreaming
Then again you might not
Anyway, you’re in Somerville

Come watch the buildings stand up proud and tall
While far below, the pavement hugs the ground

At night the stoplights change their hue from red to green
Then they change back from green to red
A carnival of color here in Somerville
Too bad that everyone’s in bed

A wondrous place where branches hang on every tree
Where people go to work and then go home

So come to where the rain and snow fall from the sky
Where day is light and night is dark and still
Yes, come watch nature on display
It’s always free of charge
That’s how it is in Somerville
In Somerville
Oh, Somerville!
My Somerville

Somerville - August 23, 2018 - Greg Poulos